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Soccer Shelter House

Subfacility of Soccer Complex

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  1. ADA Accessible (optional)
  2. Basketball (optional)
  3. Charcoal Grill (optional)
  4. Concession Stand ($100.00 Add-on)
  5. Electricity
  6. Parking (optional)
  7. Pavilion
  8. Picnic Areas (optional)
  9. Picnic Tables (optional)
  10. Restrooms (optional)
  11. Running Water
  12. Security
  13. Shelter House (optional)

Soccer Shelter.jpgThe Soccer Shelter House offers a large charcoal grill and plenty of room. It has nice large restrooms connected and if desired assess to the concession stand that can be used for larger events.  The kitchen area has electricity, water and a refrigerator and is great for larger gathering.  A deposit is required at City Hall to reserve the kitchen area. 
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