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Soccer Complex Concession Stand

Subfacility of Soccer Complex

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Reservation Cost

$100.00 per day

Admission Fee

$100 Deposit at City Hall


  1. Bleachers (optional)
  2. Concession Stand ($100.00 Add-on)
  3. Electricity (optional)
  4. Handicap Restrooms (optional)
  5. Park Benches (optional)
  6. Parking (optional)
  7. Picnic Tables (optional)
  8. Shelter House (optional)
The concession stand is available for rent.  It has a large sink, refrigerator and a large counter space.  A $400 deposit plus $50 per event.  Please turn in money with Field & Court Use Agreement to at City Hall.

To reserve a field, first check the schedule for availability. If your preferred date and time are available, fill out the Field & Court Use Agreement and submit to City Hall. After review of your application, staff will notify you of approval. After final payment is received, staff will then block off the requested times on the schedule.

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